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Spreading Kindness

Writing this blog was on my to do list today. We knew that we wanted to write this blog about spreading kindness and I said I would be happy to write about just that. As I was reflecting on what I wanted to write I was wasting time on my Facebook page(guilty of not using my time wisely). I had a notification that I have memories from today, of course I had to look at them before I started. To my surprise, my post from 4 years ago was on a small act of kindness that I witnessed. So, instead of writing a new blog I thought it was fitting to share with y'all that post.

~I believe that most individuals you meet are kind. I also believe that spreading small acts of kindness makes all the difference. This morning I could not get Brady awake (typical Middle School-er, I know). He was late for school and I dropped him off at the drop off spot and he told me "Good-bye, and go". Of course I stayed but watched from a distance. Apparently, at a certain time the school locks the back door so the door that Brady usually enters the school was locked. Brady was not the only student late, I saw a girl come up behind him. I notice they were talking and they both began walking to the front of the school. To some of you this is not a big deal but to this Momma this is huge...This fellow student helped Brady to navigate to the front of the school. I am sure he is going to get a tardy for today but I couldn't be happier!~

I wanted to share that post because I felt like it is a nice example of spreading small acts of kindness. I know things have been and felt heavy in our world,lately. Today, tomorrow and next week please take a moment to hold a door open for someone, let someone merge in front of you in traffic, call or send a text to a loved one. Whatever, act of kindness you choose, know that as you spread kindness it makes the world a better place.

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