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Inclusion Dynamics Educational Advocacy

Tena Green is an excellent facilitator, with a great amount of IEP and FIEP experience. Tena used to facilitate with CDE and has now moved to her own private practice. Tena’s partner Hettie Hueber also co-facilitates IEPs, conducts trainings, and a number of other supports for educators, families, and community partners. They both support our preservice educators at UNC, so I am very familiar and impressed with their work.

                                ~Tracy Gershwin, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Thank you both very much. It was such a relief to have you at my child's meetings, to help us before and after the meetings. You both must have a magic touch. After our meeting the school has been doing such a great job communicating with us. I can not thank you enough for all that you did for our family. I am definitely telling others about you all.

                                                                ~Charlotte B

I am so grateful to have met Tena and Hettie! The passion, fun, excitement, creativity, honesty, and experiences they bring to the field of education is contagious and beyond inspiring. I teach a course designed to introduce preservice educators to the field of special education. When I asked Tena and Hettie to join as guest speakers, they were more than willing to share their time to help further future educators' knowledge and understanding of inclusion. As an instructor, I selfishly loved my opportunity to collaborate with Tena and Hettie as they radiate innovative ideas that inspire my own practice as an educator. However, what excites me most about Tena and Hettie's time with my class is the feedback provided by my students of the knowledge they acquired and plan to take into their own practice as an educator. Thankfully, Tena and Hettie agreed to join my class again next semester. It is always my goal as an instructor to help my future educators advocate for each and every student. Thanks to Tena and Hettie sharing themselves and their knowledge with my class I can rest assured a new champion of leaders and advocates will enter our schools.                                                                                        - Laura Trapp, Ph. D.  

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Who We Are

Welcome to IDEA: Inclusion Dynamics Educational Advocacy!  We know that it's important to know who you are partnering with, so by way of introduction, we are two moms who have likely been just where you are today.   We have felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and even angered by the special education system and found ourselves thinking "why is this so hard?"  Along the way, we have learned to be vigorous advocates, first for our own children and then for others and we can promise you that through strong partnerships with teachers and service providers, you can make your child's education more equitable & more meaningful.  We are excited to help you do just that!


Advocating for equity and inclusion is second nature for Tena. She believes that everyone has a right to be included in society, whether through individual behaviors or public policy, and has made this belief her life’s work. During her time as an IEP Facilitator with the Colorado Department of Education, Tena successfully partnered with teachers, parents, and students to develop comprehensive learning plans that met the unique academic and socio-emotional needs of each child throughout Colorado. Upon graduating the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) of Larimer County in 2015, Tena pursued becoming a credentialed FLTI facilitator and has worked as a Youth FLTI Facilitator in Larimer County since 2016. In 2017, Tena was invited to add her skills and expertise to the FLTI of Colorado Training Team as a Youth Facilitation Specialist. Tena is also a certified facilitator for Restorative Justice and enjoys working with the City of Fort Collins on restorative practices. Tena also serves as a Board Member for The Arc of Larimer County, an organization that advocates for the interests of individuals with disabilities; she is particularly active in her community around the issues of equitable and inclusive housing. Most recently, Tena has co-developed a regular podcast, Love and Inclusion in the Real World, in which she and her co-host Hettie explore issues of equity and inclusion in families, communities, schools, and other arenas. She strives to live by this quote by Lisa Friedman: “Inclusion is a mindset. It is a way of thinking. It is not a program that we run or a classroom in our school or a favor we do for someone. Inclusion is who we are. It is who we must strive to be.”
Tena has 3 amazing boys her oldest Brady, has the attribute of Down syndrome and is on an IEP. Dylan, her middle son, was born with the attribute of dyslexia and has a 504. Eli, her youngest, did not want to be shown up by his brothers and wanted to make sure the school had paperwork on him and he is on an ALP (Advanced Learning Plan). Having 3 boys with such different learning styles keeps Tena on her toes.

Tena Green


Hettie believes that life can throw you some beautiful curve balls and that sometimes things that seem like huge challenges are even bigger blessings.  When her youngest daughter Cora was born, she had no idea how her life would change.  Already a mom to three terrific kids (2 grown up!), adding Cora ignited a desire to impact her local community in positive ways.  Hettie served 8 years on the City of Fort Collins Commission on Disability, was an Arc of Larimer County board member, and supported her local school through participation in SEAC, PTO, and the District Accountability Committee.  Believing that families are powerful teachers of young children and agents of change, Hettie returned to school, earning a Master's degree in Early Childhood Special Education.  She has worked for her local school district in its Integrated Services department and currently provides Developmental Intervention to families, infants, and toddlers through Early Intervention services.  Hettie loves being married to her partner of 20 years, Darrick and is proud to be raising an avid mathematician, lover of big hair bands, and all-around cool girl, Ruby (14) and Cora (12) who teaches her something new every day about being an encourager, a terrific friend, and a lover of life.

Hettie Hueber